Brighter Mood

A scientifically researched blend of saffron and vitamin D to support mood balance, mild anxiety and libido - for brighter, happier days.

Designed to:

  • Support emotional wellbeing
  • Relieve symptoms of mild anxiety
  • Support healthy mood balance
  • Reduce symptoms of PMS
  • Promote healthy libido
  • Support healthy sexual function

Brighter Mood training video

A quick training video to learn more about why we made it.

Brighter Mood FAQs

Is Brighter Mood pregnancy friendly?

  • Unfortunately Brighter Mood is not safe for those pregnant or breastfeeding - due to the fact that saffron hasn't been studied during pregnancy, so we like to err on the side of caution here.

Who can take Brighter Mood?

  • Brighter Mood is safe for those aged 12+ experiencing low moods, and is safe to take alongside anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds. Brighter Mood is a great support for teenagers who struggle with their mood and/or mild anxiety.

Can I take Brighter Mood with other Eve supplements?

  • Totally, Brighter Mood can be taken with all other Eve products! Our range of Eve supplements are designed to target key concerns and work together beautifully. Combine Brighter Mood with Period Pal to send PMS packing.

Is Brighter Mood vegan?

  • No, Brighter Mood is not vegan, as the Vit D is sourced from lanolin, however Brighter Mood is vegetarian friendly, not to mention gluten free, soy/dairy/corn/GMO free.

How long does Brighter Mood take to work?

  • While you can expect benefits to commence within one to two weeks of taking Brighter Mood, we recommend daily use for 12 weeks to reap the full benefits.

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