Period Pal

Your best friend to support and regulate your cycle. Chaste Tree and Ginkgo Biloba are researched to relieve symptoms of PMS.

Designed to:

  • Reduce irregular periods
  • Regulate healthy menstrual cycle
  • Decrease heavy menstruation/periods
  • Relieve menstruation pain/dysmenorrhoea
  • Decrease mood swings associated with premenstrual tension
  • Reduce breast pain/tenderness associated with premenstrual tension
  • Relieve symptoms of premenstrual tension

Period Pal training video

A quick training video to learn more about why we made it.

Period Pal FAQs

Is Period Pal suitable for vegans?

  • Yes, Period Pal is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Is Period Pal contraindicated with any medications or health conditions?

  • We don’t recommend using Period Pal if you are using thyroid medication. Please take Period Pal away from any medications you may be on. We also don’t recommend Period Pal to be used in conjunction with chemotherapy medications or for those with cancer. If you are using Talinolol, any anti-seizure medications or have a history of epilepsy we’d recommend checking with your Doctor before use.

Can I use Period Pal when pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • Period Pal isn’t recommended during these phases.

I’m trying to conceive. Should I take Period Pal?

  • Period Pal is great for supporting fertility as a healthy menstrual cycle and balanced hormones are key for conceiving. As is the case with many powerful herbs, there isn’t much research on Vitex and Ginkgo Biloba in pregnant and breastfeeding women so if or when you find out you are pregnant, simply stop taking Period Pal and switch to a quality prenatal. If you are undergoing IVF or IUI we don’t recommend Period Pal.

Can teenagers take Period Pal if they have bad periods?

  • Period Pal is recommended for those 18+. If your teen is experiencing irregular periods, PMS symptoms or other hormonal issues this may simply be their body calibrating to its new requirement to run a monthly hormonal cycle, which can last all through their teens. For these teens, we recommend All Systems Glow for nutrient support. If they are experiencing cystic acne, extremely heavy bleeding or life-impacting cramping we’d recommend visiting a doctor.

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