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Limited Edition Eve Journal

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 Need a mid-year reset? We’ve got just the thing.

We’ve whipped up a limited edition journal, bursting with juicy exercises and prompts to reflect on the year so far and set clear intentions to cruise you through to 2025 (yes, we did just say 2025 😳)


How to get the most out of your Eve Journal:

  1. Start with the Wheel of Life activity on page 8. Take stock of where you’re at in each area of your life to see which areas you should send your attention to get to your goals. 

  2. Get real. Easing out of your comfort zone and into those taboo thought topics is key to getting the most from any juicy journaling prompt. It might feel uncomfy at first, but you’ll get into the swing of it. 

  3. Habit stack. Set time aside to journal by stacking it on top of a habit you already love (e.g. your morning or bedtime routine) and it’ll feel smoother. You don’t need to go for hours. Sometimes just 5-10 minutes makes all the difference. 

2024 is yours for the taking. So take it.


Limited Edition Eve Journal

$29.00 AUD

Eve's Story

Eve is on a mission to end the shame surrounding taboo health topics. Eve offers scientifically backed solutions and support for Evies on a hormone journey.

By dismantling stigmas and talking about taboo topics, Eve sets a new (cheeky) standard for menstrual, mental, and intimate health.

That forbidden fruit of knowledge? We ate it.

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