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Who is Eve Anyway? Meet our Founder

Who is Eve Anyway? Meet our Founder

Beatrice here - Co-Founder of Eve.

I thought I’d stop by to personally give you some insight into Eve as a brand and what we actually do…

Eve is on a mission to erase the shame around taboo health topics: periods, hormones, sexual and mental wellbeing. Far too many have struggled with shame in these areas and it holds us back from seeking help or guidance when we truly need it, and we’re over it.

Before we started Eve I went on my own hormonal roller coaster when I decided to come off the pill. What followed was two years with no period, and no education or support around what to do. When it finally came back I hit my personal health rock bottom (there was no Period Pal then to help me!) experiencing debilitating hormonal issues. You can hear more about my journey here on our podcast, The Group Chat.

I felt so alone but was convinced I couldn’t be the only person going through hormonal challenges. This is where the first seed of Eve was sown.

Unlike any other supplement brand we know, we started by building a lab, hiring scientists and researchers, and testing thousands of women’s hormones. We used key trends and data from our lab to formulate supplements for the issues people are struggling with the most. And we made sure they work. You’d be surprised how many supplements will do nada because the dosage is too low—not us.

As Eve’s leader, I am deeply proud of how our products truly make a difference to people’s lives.

When Evies tell me that Period Pal changed their life, or that they’ve finally made progress with their PCOS using Blood Sugar Babe after years of struggle, it makes all the hard parts of running a business worth it! Some of my favourite stories are around Brighter Mood and how it’s helped people to feel like themselves again after challenges with mental wellbeing - a topic close to my heart.

We’re turning supplements into something you can trust, and we’re addressing all the areas you were told you shouldn’t talk about - but that we need to.

If you have any questions about our range please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team is here to help.

Beatrice x
Eve Wellness Founder & GM


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